Are you one of the many Australians crying IRL tears after the announcement that Sizzler is soon to be no more?

The only thing that ever truly mattered at Sizzler, as we said in our emotional Facebook post, was the cheese toast. That delicious, cheesy, oily bread that could cure the worst of sadnesses. 

Luckily, Sizzler has taken pity on us all. The staff have given us a goodbye gift, in the form of the recipe to their cheese toast:


• Butter or margarine 

• Kraft Parmesan Cheese 

• Thick white bread 


• In a bowl, mix equal parts butter or margarine with the parmesan cheese to create a paste. 

• Spread the paste on one side of the bread. 

• Fry the bread paste side down over a medium heat until golden brown while resting a flat plate or lid on top so the bread steams.

Tasting note: Cry some more while consuming the bread, as your tears of a long-gone childhood will add an extra level of delightful saltiness. 

via Newscorp

Image: Instagram