‘The Simpsons’ Predicted Team USA Winning Gold In Curling WTF

Once a harmless childhood show, now the predictor of our many major qualms – The Simpsons have struck again with an eight-year-old prediction that Team USA would take gold in curling against Sweden and they damn well did it last night. Like seriously, what are the chances? 

Despite the odds and the possibility of elimination, Team USA pulled off a brilliant comeback against the curling favourites at the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics causing quite the upset for Sweden.

Of course it didn’t take long for Twitter to step in and connect the spooky dots. Most notably was Simpsons writer, Rob LaZebnik, reminding viewers that this wasn’t Team USA’s first win against Sweden…at a Winter Olympics.

The creepy prediction came in season 21, episode “Boy Meets Curl” where Homer and Marge take up the sport in a mixed curling team. Now on first glance this is all cute and stuff but let’s break this down shall we?

LaZebnik didn’t just predict a mere win. He predicted a gold medal win in curling at a Winter Olympics against Sweden, who take home silver. Again, what are the fucking chances. Curling? 


As we know, this isn’t The Simpsons first tango with the future. They’ve previously predicted everything from smartwatches in 1995 to Fifa’s damn corruption scandal in 2014. Like c’mon. However, their most infamous prediction has to be President Donald Trump actually becoming U.S president which nobody believed would happen and yet here we are. And who can forget the 1998 prediction of Disney buying out Fox which happened a whopping twenty years later in a deal worth $66.1 billion.

Altogether, the animated series has predicted fifteen major international events. Who knows what could be next.

If you want to see a total list of all the things The Simpsons have predicted, check out Time here, they actually compiled a list because it’s that damn freaky.

BRB, getting my tin foil hat.