A group of climate change activists just dumped a buttload of horse manure outside the office of federal finance minister, South Australian senator, and human stinky poo Simon Birmingham. Cop that shit mate.

Earlier this morning in Adelaide, protesters of the climate change group Extinction Rebellion made a stance against all the crap things Prime Minister Scott Morrison said at COP26 and our government’s plan that’s as good as nuclear diarrhea after eating curry, burritos, and a block of laxatives.

“We have come to deliver a bit of a message to Mr. Birmingham as our representative to take back to the federal government,” a woman said in a video on the group’s Facebook page while her fellow members in hazmat suits dumped horse dung on the brick floor outside the South Australian senator’s office.

“We are currently in a climate code red and all we have witnessed lately is Glasgow’s shitshow. Australia has made itself a climate pariah.”

“We’re making a statement here that Glassgow was a shit show and we have left a nice message of some very organic horse manure, horse shit, which hopefully Senator Birmingham will feel quite at home with all the shit that’s been going around.”

Speaking on ABC Radio this morning, via News.com.au, Birmingham described the protesters as “extremists who wouldn’t ever be satisfied by anything”, despite the fact that all they seem to be saying is “fix this fkn climate mess, you cunts*”.

*Not a direct quote.

“Whatever point Extinction Rebellion ever makes, if they’re going to harass somebody I’m more grateful they’re disrupting me and my office than flying themselves to the roads around Victoria Square and disrupting tens of thousands of South Australians like they did a couple of weeks ago.

“… Let’s appreciate Australia’s made the commitment to achieve net-zero by 2050,” he added.

“We’re investing billions of dollars doing so.”

Bestie, this is not the serve you think it is. When we continue to rank at the bottom of the list of climate change policies around the world you have to stop and think, what the fuck are we doing here?

Maybe, just maybe, the government could give us an actual climate change plan (y’know, preferably one for a zero emissions target over a fkn net zero emissions one)? Would be huge if true!

Reading shit like this reminds you that our government is continuing to not take accountability and recognise the climate emergency we’re in. For extra proof, please turn to what Birmingham tweeted in response to this shit show about his own government’s stinky clogged toilet of a climate response: “I hate to see unnecessary waste. Any eager western suburbs gardeners are most welcome to help themselves to some spring fertiliser.”

Extinction Rebellion’s smelly surprise isn’t the only time activists have protested against the government’s shit plans at COP26. Earlier this month, young Aussies protests for three straight days in multiple cities, demanding that the federal government create a genuine climate plan.

Image: Facebook