Pls Fawn Over This Wee Pakistani Goat Whose Ears Are So Long He Trips Over Them

simba the goat

Please allow me the pleasure of introducing you to Simba, a wee little Gulabi goat from Pakistan who is now the nation’s pride and joy because of his adorably long ears.

Simba was born in Karachi last month under the care of Mohammad Hasan Narejo and his (Simba’s) 54 cm long ears have become an internet sensation.

The little diva’s ears are so long they have to be tied up behind his head so he doesn’t trip over them with his little feeties. The bebe even has a harness to carry his heavy ears for him. A spoilt kid, as he deserves.

“Within 10 to 12 days of his birth he was already appearing in all the national and international media — and won a beauty contest,” Narejo said, per ABC.

“Within 30 days he became so popular that even a famous personality might take 25 to 30 years to achieve this level of fame.”

Omg, this proud dad energy has be sobbing. (In my head, eating goats is not a thing).

baby goat with long ears in pakistan
So bleating sweet. Image: Getty

Narejo said he’s approached Guiness World Records to register Simba as the GOAT he is, but sadly there’s no category of “goat with longest ears”.

Who do I have to annoy to make this category official??? Whose manager must I call and beg to?? Give this baby the title he deserves!!

I would die for this graceful creature. Image: Getty

Hasan Narejo said he’s worried about bad juju from rival breeders who would absolutely love to snatch up his precious little kid.

“We recite Quranic verses and blow on him to cast away the evil eye,” he said.

“Following a long tradition we inherited from our elders, we have fastened a black thread around him that is fortified with Quranic verses.”

Honestly, protect Simba at all costs. I swear if someone tries to turn him into a goat curry I will riot.