There are those who have responsibility forced upon them, and those who rise to it: enter Aussie Sikh volunteers who used their sense of community to deliver food to COVID patients in need, while a certain someone *cough* Hillsong *cough* threw a dodgy musical festival.

The members of Sikh Volunteers Australia are known for being angels among men, constantly being helpful and distributing free food throughout the pandemic. And before it too, because their ethos is consistent regardless of the apocalypse.

Their latest drive, however, is earning them more social media attention than usual after the antics of another religious organisation.

Sharing a video of volunteers packing takeaway containers with food for the needy, Sikh Volunteers Australia has been praised on social media for its tireless commitment to helping others. However, some couldn’t help but compare the organisation to Hillsong, who recently made COVID news for less wholesome reasons.

ICYMI, viral footage and images emerged from a Hillsong youth camp that looked suspiciously like a music festival, with heaps of young people packed in together and dancing maskless. Which would be illegal if happened in a nightclub. But of course, Hillsong got away with it unscathed. Legally, anyway. We can’t confirm the same regarding people’s health status.

The whole thing was a mess not just because it’s incredibly irresponsible to have a bunch of sweaty, maskless people dancing closely together during a pandemic, but also because other venues and music festivals have been banned from doing the same thing.

So, you can imagine why it’s taken no time at all for the public to compare the two, praising Sikh volunteers for being helpful and kind as usual.

“You won’t find any singing and dancing at @AustraliaSikh, just fantastic volunteers focussed on looking out for everyone in the community. A pure example of how to behave. Thank you,” one person tweeted

“All while Hillsong are dancing and living it up,” another said.

Either way, it’s nice to see a wholesome story of camaraderie and mateship amidst all that ‘letting COVID rip’ bullshit.

Less sacrificing vulnerable people and more feeding them please. That is where community lies.