Why do people do shit like this?

A poor, sweet doggo in Brisbane has been injured after getting its paw caught in a rusty old rabbit trap that someone had set along a popular walkway.

A bloke was walking his neighbour’s dog, a King Charles Cavalier called Louis, along the walking track at Greendale Way in Carindale, when Louis stepped in the trap. She suffered injuries to her paw, and had to be rushed to the vet.

Police are now calling on the public to come forward with any information they may have about the trap and who might have set it. They reckon other traps might be set around the area, which also houses a children’s play area and is a popular walking spot.

Acting Senior Sergeant Jorgensen of the Queensland Police Service said in a statement:

These traps can cause serious injury and would require immediate medical attention. Traps are extremely dangerous and can cause serious injury to animals.

Members of the public who are caught setting mantraps can be liable to prosecution as it is a criminal offence under the Queensland Criminal Code and liable to be sentenced to three years in prison.

The report of the trap comes after dog owners in Coolum found chicken and steak laced with rat poison thrown over their fence into their back yard, and only just saved their dogs from eating it.

Hold your doggos close, friends. And if you’re getting pissed off with a barking dog in your neighbourhood, try having a chat to the owners – or worst case scenario, the council – rather than trying to murder them. What the hell is WRONG with people.

Source: Courier Mail
Image: QPS