I know a big heap of us get about trumpeting the notion that politicians are generally shit, but this is taking that idea to an extremely literal level.

Thanks largely to the Coalition‘s failed gamble to get those pesky, annoying crossbenchers out of the senate, we now have a Federal upper house with a seat reserved for one Pauline Hanson; she of xenophobic fish & chip shop ignobility.

And while the nation’s just gonna have to deal with that fact for the next 6 years or so (shudder), we’ve at least got our ability to take the ever-loving piss to fall back on.

To wit, a GoFundMe campaign has arisen from the ashes of the wild federal election, like a golden poo brown-phoenix, urging backers to dig deep and contribute to a project that will see Hanson’s face smeared across the sheets of rolls of toilet paper.

The project, fittingly named Project WIPEOUT, is the brainchild of Adelaide-based artist/printmaker Drew Abrahamson who sees the therapeutic value in scrunching up Pauline’s face and flushing it down the loo.

“The recent resurfacing of Pauline Hanson and her policies and campaigns spread fear, hate, racism, bigotry and injustice.”

“The event of this shameful human rising to power has pushed me to launch a fundraising campaign, WIPEOUT: A protest against Pauline, where all funds donated will be given to local organisations that work hard to create a more inclusive community on a local and national scale, and to cultivate a culture of WELCOME in workplaces, schools and institutions.”

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The campaign, which as stated above is raising funds for “local organisations” will gift you a roll of 2-ply Pauline paper for the princely price of $10. A measly blue bottle.

So far the project has attracted a slew of donations, and is steadily moving towards its $2,000 target. But hey, a few more dollarydoos would certainly help spread the word.

You can get involved with Project WIPEOUT over at its GoFundMe page.

Be a literal shit protester!

Source: GoFundMe.

Photo: GoFundMe.