Turns Out That Viral Showering Rat Was Neither Showering Nor A Rat

pacarana showering rat

The internet was wholeheartedly shooketh at the start of this week, when footage started to circulate of what appeared to be a sweet li’l rattie taking a shower just like a tiny man!!!

Look at him! Just havin’ a wash in a sink! Going about his morning routine!

But are we allowed to innocently enjoy the dear ratto taking a shower? Obviously no, it’s 2018 and nothing is pure or sacred.

Because that’s no rat, my friends. That’s a pacarana, one of the world’s largest rodents.


And if you’re wondering, yep, they really do wash themselves like that in the wild. Observe:

The sad thing is (because obviously there must be a sad thing, as once again it is 2018 and nothing gold can stay untarnished for even a moment), the little bloke in the sink was probably not stoked about having soap all over him. Pacaranas have very sensitive skin, and shampoo is pretty irritating to them – so he was less showering, and more desperately trying to get that annoying shit off of him.

People are possibly even more shook about the fact that it’s not a rat than they were about the showering rat in the first place.

Sorry for giggling at your soapy discomfort, my pacarana pal 🙁

Pacaranas are super rare and only live in Peru, so on the off-chance that you see one, please leave it be – no matter how badly you want to see a little rat-man perform his ablutions for your merriment.