Which Short Uni Course You Should Do Based On Your Sign ‘Cos Pisces Needed This Direction

Choosing a uni degree or diploma can be tricky simply because there’s so much on offer – it can honestly be overwhelming at times. Important life decisions like this can bear heavily on the soul because there’s always the glaring, “what if it’s the wrong fit for me” question dangling.

Luckily for us, there are now plenty of ways to subdue this feeling because there are actually options to test out what you do and don’t like in a course or diploma before committing to the entire shebang.

Places like Open Universities Australia will allow you to enrol in a single uni subject online from 22 leading Australian unis, to get a feel for what it’s like to study in a certain area, without the commitment of having to carry out the entire degree.

Another huge bonus is that most of them don’t have any entry requirements, so you can get started regardless of your study history or without submitting a formal application. Oh, and did we mention that these subjects may also be credited towards your whole degree if you want to continue your studies? We love to see it.

Still not keen on making a decision? Okay, we’ll help you out.

If there’s one thing we can depend on in this life of uncertainty and dismay, it’s our birth charts.  As a non-believer, you might scoff, but as a faithful to the stars, I wholeheartedly believe our innermost quirks, idiosyncrasies, ~personal brands~ and therefore interests are at least somewhat informed by our star sign.

So, we’ve matched up a bunch of single subject courses (all avail through Open Universities Australia, BTW) with each star sign that’ll hopefully give you some inspo about where to take the next step in your career/life.


Rise up Aries kings and queens – it’s time to show the world what you’re made of. As the most red-hot of the fire signs, you’re definitely not afraid of a little confrontation, taking control of situations and you’re most likely the alpha of every group chat. It’s not that you’re bossy, you just know how to wrangle large amounts of people and get them working together in cohesion. You were probably really into theatre sports in high school.

We reckon that Swinburne’s Introduction To Management is a sweet option to channel your natural aptitude for leadership into the tools that’ll eventually set you up for swooning and woo-ing your way to the top in any industry.


It’s all about facts and logic for Taurians. Have you ever attempted to have a semi-philosophical conversation with one? Mention words like ‘fate’ or phrases like ‘it was just meant to be’ and you’ll be shut down within seconds. Look, we need people like this in the world. They’re not likely to get caught up in daydreams and get it done.

RMIT’s Introduction To Programming will surely satiate any Taurian’s need to see things as they are and watch numbers and processes come together seamlessly. It’ll set you up with the base level skills you’re bound to expand upon in any area of STEM, so it’s the perfect way to set yourself for a broad future.


The most impactful artists of all time happen to be Geminis – Kanye, Stevie Nicks, Paul McCartney, Prince, Tupac (I could go on). Some would say they’re divisive – but that’s kind of what makes them great, right? Gemini’s tend to see the world from their own unique perspective, which we’re constantly craving to see reflected in the world.

If you’re a Gemini wanting to lean into your epic line of ancestors, we highly suggest sussing out Curtin University’s Fine Arts Concepts & Contexts to get a glimpse into the history and forms that characterise truly great art. We’re both excited and terrified to see what you come up with.


This one is almost too easy. Cancerians are by far the most in-tune with their emotions across the astrological spectrum. With that comes empathy and a need to relate to others – University of South Australia’s Psychology Concepts could be the perfect way to kick off your career that’ll not only fulfil your need to get ~in your feelings~ but help others understand theirs better.


Ah Leos, where do I even begin? The Wolf Of Wall Street is probably the best cinematic embodiment of what a Leo is to me (no not because it actually stars Leo DiCaprio). Loud, boisterous, tenacious – basically so in their own lane it’s confronting for everyone else witnessing. 

The business world is always on the hunt for fresh brains with ideas that are both outlandish and iconic, so sussing out the University of Tasmania’s Marketing for Business could be a way to sew the seeds of your future empire.


I have never met a Virgo who wasn’t an absolute boss at writing lists, dominating excel spreadsheets and organising planners. I’m not sure why the government isn’t putting together a team of solely Virgos to distribute the COVID vaccine. Seriously, they’d come up with and execute a plan within days.

Griffith University’s Business Data Analysis is the ground you need to take your wicked logistics-focused brain to the next level, and juice up your skills.


Libra’s symbol is literally a balance – they’re understanding, intelligent and almost spiritual in their means of connecting with others. University of New England’s Intro to Legal Studies is a good cop if you’re looking begin your steps to changing the way the justice system works, but are a little overwhelmed by the thought of an entire Law degree.


We’ve all been stung by a Scorpio. They leave lasting impressions on people because they’re highly emotional beings who just feel things on another level of over-analysis and meaning. Macquarie Uni’s Sociology of Everyday Life is the perfect way to level up your understanding of humans and utilise your immense understanding of what makes people ‘tick’ to help solve future problems and predict patterns.


The utmost free spirits of the lot. You could never tie a Sagi down to a grey office 9-5. You probably dropped maths the second you could in high school and are physically repelled by the thought of drafting an email – you need something more.

Let your immense imagination run wild with an Intro To Travel Writing course at Curtin University to fuel your wanderlust (as much as you possibly can for the time being), and give you a glimpse of what life could look like as a renegade writer who’s soul purpose is uncovering the world’s most gorgeous gems and bringing them to people in the written form.


You’re probably intimidating in how ambitious you are. I’m going to guess you’ve got plans for start-ups coming out the wazoo, and you’ve got Gary V quotes plastered across your bedroom walls, right next to your various 1st place trophies.

You can never learn too much about social media (because after all, it’s always changing and you always want to be at the forefront of things) so get your skills up to scratch with a course like Griffith Uni’s Digital and Social Media Marketing. 


I would say Aquarians and Taurians are the polar opposite. I have been locked into many overly philosophical conversations with Aquarians at parties before and look; I appreciate the passion, but please channel it into something more productive. Murdoch Uni’s Introduction To Sociology could help you get to answering those big life questions and turn it into your life’s work.


Pisces remain an enigma to me. I just can’t put my finger on what it is, but every Pisces I know exudes the aura of a majestic water creature with the power to summon all the energy of the earth. Maybe it’s a sign to channel your wisdom into a career in education? Suss out something like Curtin Uni’s Educators Inquiring About The World to get to the bottom of things.