Posh Shore Mums Started The #ProudShoreMum Hashtag And It’s Already Become A Gigantic Meme

People have been riled up about the culture at Sydney’s Shore School (and private schools in general) this week after a muck-up day prank encouraging students to harass people and break the law was brought to light. We’re now at the meme stage of that discourse, folks.

Known as the “Twiwizard Shorenament”, the muck-up day challenge encouraged students to “spit on a homeless man,” to “shit on a train” and to “have sex with a woman who weighs over 80kg, is aged over 40 or one who is deemed a 3/10 or lower,” among other things.

Now Shore mums have been reclaiming their association with the school in private Facebook groups with the hashtag #ProudShoreMum, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

Their posts include pics of their children in school uniform, as well as blue and white loveheart emojis, matching the school’s colours. As a bougie, self-absorbed response to a serious scandal, the whole thing is just… *chef’s kiss*.

“So many boys have been getting verbally abused, screamed at by the public,” one anonymous #ProudShoreMum told the Herald.

And like, yeah, sure it’s not fair for some Year 7 with no relation to the muck-up day plans to be hypothetically hassled in public, but it’s also not the best time to be a #ProudShoreMum, either.

In times like this, nobody wants to let North Shore mums have all the fun, so that’s why people on Twitter have taken over the hashtag to take the piss out of Shore and the dumb names rich people give their kids, like, uhhh, Baron Hessington III.



Meanwhile on Instagram, someone’s just spamming the hashtag with softcore MILF porn. Not really something that’s appropriate for a school hashtag, no matter how ridiculous.

Despite all the news, the Shore boys are managing to keep their behatted heads held high, apparently.

In a letter to parents after the scandal, Headmaster Timothy Petterson praised the majority of the boys’ “tremendous strength of character” this year, and congratulated them for “displaying all the courage and determination we seek to instil in Shore boys.”

Maybe that same “courage and determination” applies to the Shore mums, too, for their relentless posting on social media.