SHOCKER: Almost 90% Of Australians Do Not Want Trump To Be President

Bloody sit down before you read this one, because it’s so utterly shocking you might actually poo.

A new poll conducted by the Lowy Institute shows that Australians, by and large, do not want to see Donald Trump become the President of the United States.
The poll returned results you probably could’ve predicted blindfolded and with both hands tied behind your back. Only 11% of Australians would like to see Donald Trump become President of the US. Meanwhile, a hefty 77% stated that they would much prefer Hillary Clinton ascend to the White House.
But the polling went further still: Nearly half of Australians polled stated that our country should rethink our relationship with the US, should Trump become President in November.
45% stated that Australia should distance itself from the US in the event that President Trump becomes a reality. And only 51% stated that we should maintain close relations with the seppos regardless of who becomes Prez, which ain’t exactly the most overwhelming vote of confidence on the matter.
A further 59% – nearly 6 in 10 Aussies – also would be reluctant to support Australian involvement with any military action taken by the US under a Trump Presidency.
The US Presidential vote isn’t until November 8th, so we’ve still got a fair way to go before we find out once and for all who America wants as their next overlord, but the mail seems to be well and truly in on Donald Trump, at least as far as Australia is concerned.
In unrelated news, the Pope of the Bear Church confirmed his own Catholicism after being caught pooping in the woods.
Source: The Interpreter.
Photo: Ron Jenkins/Getty.