SHOCK HORROR: Late Night Street Activity Drops In Sydney, Says Report

The City of Sydney has released a report about how the lockout laws have affected foot traffic in different areas, comparing to data from 2012.

<sarcasm>The results are SHOCKING and DO NOT AT ALL EXPLAIN WHY VIOLENCE HAS LESSENED. </sarcasm>
It houses stats like foot traffic being down around 80% in Kings Cross and Oxford St at 4am on a Saturday night, and around 58% at 11pm on a Friday night.
Foot traffic’s down in pretty much every area apart from Newtown and the southern part of the CBD, and Surry Hills and Redfern are ‘relatively stable’.
Completely unsurprisingly, Newtown’s the only area that had higher reported foot traffic on Fridays and Saturdays until 4am, with numbers being up by around 200%.
A review of the lockout laws is happening this month, which Deputy Premier Troy Grant says will consider “all aspects, including the effect the laws may have on the local economy”. 
So, everyone’s very surprised, right?
Carry on.
If you wanna check out the whole City of Sydney Late Night Management Areas report, you can HERE.

Source: City of Sydney.
Photo: Luke Reynolds / Getty.