Surprise! Tonight’s Shithouse Sydney Train Experience Was Extremely Shithouse

We are deep into day 2 of Sydney‘s train nightmare and I swear to God, we are about one incident away from everyone eating their own shoes and forming a new Mad Max-esque society in the stations they have been completely unable to leave.

Thanks to an unfortunate confluence of a shitload of lightning strikes causing electrical faults, an unusual amount of sick days being taken, and a shortage of available overtime thanks to the holiday period, commuters have been left stranded for hours as trains fail to arrive or do arrive but are too sardined already to fit anyone else in.

Scenes at train stations quickly devolved into an almost comical (I said almost, please don’t get angry at me, people who got stuck) Boschian nightmare as they got massively overfilled with people who were told to expect “infinite delays” (apparently not a typo).

It did not look like a fun time for anyone involved:

It looks like the shittiness is set to continue for a while longer, so be sure to either factor that into your train commute or find an alternate way to work. As frustrating and shitty as it is, this is a management issue, not an employee one, so try not to take out your frustrations on the staff, who are probably having a worse day than you are.