G’Day To Sharon Strzelecki, Who Has Returned To Insta And Wants To Pash Teachers

Magda Szubanski‘s most famous character has thanked another batch of Australian workers battling through the coronavirus crisis, this time praising the teachers launching into the year’s second school term.

Taking to Instagram as Kath And Kim legend Sharon Strzelecki, Szubanski belted out her take on ABBA‘s questionable hit When I Kissed The Teacher.

After swapping out “kissed” for “pashed” to make her rendition about 20% more Australian, Szubanski said, “You just can’t do that at the moment, because of COVID.

“You really shouldn’t do it anyway.”

The pop culture gun closed out the short video with a clear message: “I just wanted to say, teachers rock.”

The video came on the eve of a new school term for thousands of students – and in the middle of heated discussions about how, exactly, teachers are expected to do their job amid a goddamn pandemic.

While most primary and tertiary students in NSW will return to online learning this Wednesday, the NSW Department of Education says teachers will be “planning for the term ahead” over the next two days.

A staggered return to NSW’s standard classroom activities is planned from May 11.

Similar strategies are in place across the nation, with West Australian schools open from Wednesday, and South Aussie students encouraged to head along this week.

Queensland students have been urged to study remotely where possible, despite classrooms being open, and Victoria is planning to run the whole term remotely, too.

Amid all of this chaos, teachers have been slugging their guts out preparing lesson plans to keep their students up to date.

Szubanski is one of just a few high-profile Australians to voice their appreciation for Australia’s teachers in recent days, with Australian wheelchair racing champion Kurt Fearnley another notable contributor.

Earlier this month, Szubanski also dropped a Sharon-themed dance video to show her thanks to Australia’s healthcare workers.

Big times to be a frontline worker and Kath And Kim fan during the pandemic.