Shark Selfie Grommet Apologises With Video Of Him Kissing A Dolphin

Alex Hayes, the Sydney dude whose shark selfie went viral as balls last week, admitted yesterday that he made the whole thing up
He’s super sorry for making the internet feel like a bunch of doofuses for believing his tale – though he still insists there’s nothing better than a good yarn – and by way of apology, he sent us the following video.
Shot outside his Clontarf home, it shows him getting up close and personal with a dolphin who happened to be hanging about.
“He literally came up and would play with you like a puppy dog,” said Alex who was lucky enough to get proof of the experience. (Yes, we’ve heard that one before, and yes, we checked – he promises there’s no Avatar-like CGI trickery at work here).
Q: Who can stay mad after a video of dolphin kisses?
A: Nobody.