There’s no winners from Shannon Noll‘s on-stage outburst at a punter in Nyngan who lobbed a tinnie at him mid-gig.

Noll himself certainly isn’t a winner for the wild, fairly dodgy language he used – particularly that “I’ll fuck your missus and I’ll fuck your Mum” line.

The town of Nyngan  – and rural gigs in general for that matter – certainly aren’t winners for trying to egg him on by throwing more shit at him.

The enduring song The Horses is certainly not a winner for having to be sung through a burning, red-faced rage.

No winners here. None.

So with that said, of course the content of the rant has been picked apart and rabidly used for jokes, and none are more fitting or apt than Tonightly‘s genius idea to take the wording of the rant and shoehorn it into a parody of Noll’s breakout hit What About Me?

The dulcet tones of Greg Larsen‘s velvet throat provide ample warbling to get this one over the line, and be damned if it isn’t actually good as hell.

It works… really, really well?

As in, so well that it’s practically meant to be.

Sometimes, in utterly bad, shitty situations where no one comes out of it looking good, the only right and just thing to do is take the ever-loving piss out of it.

Never listening to that song any other way ever again, I tell you what.