Shane Warne Has Imparted His Brexit Wisdom To The UK So We Guess That’s Sorted

Australian cricket hero and lover of thirst Shane Warne has thrown his support behind UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his push to execute a no-deal Brexit scenario, saying the country should just “get on with it.”

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Warne, who is in the UK providing commentary on the ongoing Ashes series, told BBC Radio 4 Today described himself as an “outsider” who was surprised at the results of the 2016 European Union membership referendum.

“I saw it reported that the most searched thing on Google after Brexit was ‘What is Brexit?’” he said, adding “I found that very amusing, that people didn’t know what they were voting for.”

Despite being tantalisingly close to the realisation many Leave voters actually voted for Brexit under false pretences, Warney threw his support behind the Leave movement anyway.

“You’ve made the decision, it’s done. Get on with it,” Warne said.

“All this procrastinating about all this stuff, just get on with it. Boris is good, everyone’s great. Get on with it.”

It’s hardly the first time Warne has expressed those sentiments, by the way.

Regardless, the “stuff” Warne mentioned is actually pretty significant, would you believe.

Seeing as this is the first time an EU member nation has elected to sever itself from the international union, figuring out new bureaucratic processes and trade relations with EU nations is a colossal task; while stodgy diplomats discussing the price of cheese is hardly the sexiest image, there are real fears that a no-deal Brexit scenario, which Johnson is pushing for, would cause massive food and medicine shortages in the UK.

Although Warney has given his piece, Johnson’s push to “get on with it” has stalled. The House of Commons this morning rejected Johnson’s call to hold an early election, which would essentially stall further Brexit negotiations before the commitment’s October 31 deadline.

If you want to catch up on Johnson’s recent headaches, you can do so here. Note: there’s exactly zero Shane Warne in that explainer. Make of that what you will.