A Global Sex Toy Scavenger Hunt With Wild Prizes Is Hitting Melbs, So Keep Yr Eye Holes Lubed

we-vibe sex toy scavenger hunt

Good morning holes, I have news this morning that will fill you with nothing but positive vibrations. Canadian sex toy company We-Vibe is doing a massive international scavenger hunt where the ultimate prize is a year’s worth of pleasure sticks, and Melburnians are our tribute in the global game.

Yep, sorry to all you New South Welshmen, Perthonalities and Novocastrians, this one here is only for the Melbourne gang.

To celebrate Valentine’s Day — everyone’s favourite capitalist holiday — We-Vibe will be hiding a bunch of sex toys around the world for folks to find. The ultimate prize for snagging one? A HEAP of sex toys.

These special hidden gems will be located in New York City, London, Paris, Berlin, Barcelona and Melbourne. Makes sense because everyone from these cities is so horny all the time. So horny and so pretentious.

Melburnians, you’ve got from February 12th to scour every fkn corner of the city, with a total of five sex toys hiding around the coffee capital of the world. You better be quick though, because the competition ends on February 14th (Valentine’s Day), giving you only 48hrs to rummage through the city’s nooks and crannies.

we-vibe scavenger hunt
Think of it like an X-rated Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory.

Clues will be written out across We-Vibe’s O Diaries Blog, so make sure you read your handy hints before you set foot into the city.

If you manage to stumble across one of these hidden beauties (as pictured above), all you need to do is send a photo to We-Vibe’s scavenger hunt website to claim every inch of your prizes.

Lord knows where a lonely vibrator out in the middle of the city will end up, but let’s just hope this scavenger hunt goes as planned and we don’t have any floating sex toys ending up as a duck’s breakfast in the Yarra.

No, you won’t actually be given a truck-load of sex toys as your prize, but you’ll definitely cop a USD$1,000 We-Vibe gift card to buy as many toys as your heart desires. I mean realistically you can buy a toy for every one you know with that amount of money, so it definitely counts as a ‘years worth’.

Happy hunting out there!