Seven Boots A Place To Call Home Mid-Season

The axes are falling across the board in the local television industry, with the latest victim being Channel Seven‘s period drama A Place To Call Home. The network announced that the show will not continue beyond its current second season, even though the show is still currently airing new episodes. All episodes for season 2 have been filmed, and will be screened. But beyond that, it’s adios.

The show began like gangbusters, attracting 1.47 million viewers on average for its first season, becoming the top-rated drama in the country. But this year, for whatever reason, it stumbled badly, with numbers dropping down to around 855,000 per episode. That, in and of itself, is not a bad number. Hell, far from it. Where the problem lies is that its demographic is skewing older, with 60 percent of that viewership coming from the over-55 age bracket. Successful TV shows aim to grab the 17-39 market, which largely dictates what goes to air and what gets the boot.
Allegedly, the remaining episodes carry a plot twist that would have lead to great intrigue for the show’s third season, potentially leaving fans of the show hanging on a question that will never be answered. Though the third season has apparently already been written by show creator Bevan Lee. So who knows what will happen there. Probably nothing. And that’s fine, because not many of you will probably care.
Either way, it’s more than likely a relief for Channel Seven to have all that production money free once again to pour into Australia’s Next Top Talent Quiz Bonanza Chef or whatever trite reality format the feel like recycling next. Ratings, huh. How about ’em.
via SMH.