Old people share the dumbest shit.

Liberal Senator James McGrath has proven this theory correct – he came under fire this weekend after sharing a picture of, and subsequently bragging about, a dead cockatoo trapped in his car.

“Car 1. Flock of cockatoos 0,” Senator McGrath gloated to his Facebook on Friday.

The post subsequently garnered widespread criticism from online punters, many of whom were justifiably confused as to why Senator McGrath felt the need to boast about killing native wildlife.

“This photo really proves a lack of compassion and respect for our precious, unique wildlife. You’ve definitely lost my vote Senator,” one Facebook user commented.

“Mate, that bird is a native Aussie. To love Australia is to love, respect and protect our native flora and fauna,” said another.

He’s yet to comment about his lil’ scandal. Judging from the Queenslander’s past tasteful Tweets, though, he probably doesn’t give a shit.

Seems like such a pleasant dude.

Image: Twitter @JamesMcGrathLNP ; Getty / Charlie Vega