Semi Permanent To Launch Art Project ‘Chase the Light’

This Friday the 13th has more to offer than the requisite moments of horror because Semi Permanent is launching new art project, “Chase the Light”.

The innovative premise will challenge three super-creatives, Claudio Kirac, Super Vixen and Katie Olsen, to produce three distinctive music videos set in their local ‘hoods. With just a 24 hour time frame, the visual component of the audio-visual challenge will have the competitors filming footage via an allocated Smartphone, while the audio component comes from Sydney folk outfit Winter People for their unreleased single “Gallons”.

Once they’re all done Semi-Permanent wants you to hit their website and vote for your favourite, from Monday April 23. The victor will be unveiled at the Sydney Semi-Permanent closing party on Saturday May 12. Speaking of which, the Early Ticket Deadline is this Friday, 13 April, so make haste to the Semi-Permanent website to get some killer discounts.

Words by Zoe Ringuet