Sharks get a lot of bad press for having sharp teeth, being generally terrifying and lacking chill when it comes to munching on surfers, but thing that’s likely to actually get you is far more insidious, and far closer to home: selfies

Earlier this week, Japan Times reported that a 66-year-old tourist died of a heart attack while visiting the Taj Mahal; witnesses to the incident say that the man was taking a selfie at the moment he collapsed and fell.

This is not the first selfie-related death this year, or even the second; in fact, Conde Nast Traveler report that there have been at least 10 confirmed cases this year, and those are just the ones widely covered in the media.

As they point out, selfie-related deaths are so common in Russia that the country’s Interior Ministry have released a series of warnings showing situations where it is unsafe and/or highly inadvisable to snap one.

This guy knows what’s up:

By contrast to all those duckface-related mishaps, the number of confirmed shark-related deaths this year only stands at a not-so-terrifying-anymore eight. 

Just this morning, there were reports of a Hawaiian spear fisherman who cheated certain death after having his leg bitten by a tiger shark … and who then posted a video of himself in the ambulance on the way to the hospital.

Who woulda thunk that one situation would actually be more lethal than the other?

All that said, this does not mean we should go getting all cocky around sharks:

This has been your shark PSA for the day.

via Conde Nast Traveler