Here’s a weird one: do you have a sneaking suspicion about how you’ll die?

I did not, until my boss asked me one day (normal conversation), and now I can’t stop thinking about it.

Of course, the leading causes of death in Australia are heart disease, dementia, strokes, lunch cancer and pulmonary disease, so it’s a safe bet that it’ll be one of those that takes me.

But as for a sneaking suspicion? It’s going to be a health issue I’ve put off getting checked out, for sure. Friendly reminder: book in for that mole mapping. (The friendly reminder is for me.)

In our latest 27 Pedestrians episode, we asked everyone if they had an idea about how they’d die.

“This question is whack,” Cloudy said, which just about sums it up. And yet, death is something we don’t think about much, especially while we’re young. You assume it’ll happen one day but not down to the specifics, and put no thought until how you’d like to die, if given the choice.

Well, apart from Lacey-Jade, a nurse in Melbourne.

“Because I work in healthcare, we have these conversions,” she told us.

“And I have… not a way I want to die, but I’d like to die in my 80s, with my faculties still intact. I’m one of those people who tells my friends that, if you ever see me with dementia, or my faculties starting to go, then just cut me off. Do something.”

While a heap of people decided they didn’t want to think about it, even more did have a hunch about how they were going to pop their clogs.

“I’m going to die in a car crash,” Isla said. “I’m pretty certain of it. I’m terrified of cars, I don’t know why. I’m going to die at the age of 86, in a car crash.”

You can peep everyone’s answers below:

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