Cops Were Called To A Second US Gender Reveal Explosion In As Many Days

Iowa gender reveal explosion number two.

A second explosion in Iowa resulting from a gender reveal has occurred just the day after a woman was killed on Saturday, according to local authorities.

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A 56-year-old woman was killed in Knoxville, Iowa after a family inadvertently constructed what was functionally a pipe bomb out of a metal tube and Tannerite. Paula Kreimeyer was standing 14 metres away when she was struck by a piece of shrapnel launched from the device. She was pronounced dead at the scene.

The Des Moines Register is reporting that emergency services were called to a vacant property in the city of Waukee on Sunday after a “louder than expected” explosion resulted from a commercial gender reveal kit.

No injuries were reported, and claims that the windows on a neighbouring property were blown out by the explosion are “unsubstantiated”, according to a statement from city officials. “Upon arrival, personnel spoke to the owners of the property and confirmed that there was an explosion as a result of a gender reveal announcement,” the release read. “A commercially available gender reveal kit was found to be the cause of the explosion.”

Waukee Fire Captain Tomme Tysdal told the Des Moines Register that he doesn’t believe charges will be fired, as the device was used correctly and outside of city limits: “This is just a reminder that you should never ever make your own explosives, and if you are using one of these commercial devices, follow all manufacturers’ instructions and take every safety precaution necessary.”

Authorities have at this time provided no information on what colour the explosion was.