‘Scuse Us But You Can Totally Buy Matchy Jim-Jams For You & Yr Pup

This is absolutely not a drill, people. You now have the ability to buy human pjs and pup pjs that match. Gone are the lazy Sunday mornings where you’re trying to take a cute photo snuggling in with your pooch, only to have every photo completely ruined because your jim-jams are totally clashing. Think about the aesthetic, people.

FabDog have released a new range of sleepwear (which have already sold out, but will be returning later this month) for those of us who want to take our relationship with our four-legged bestie to the next level, or you really need to find something for that person who wont freakin’ shut up about their ‘precious fur baby’ (yes Karen from accounts, I’m looking at you).

The sets come in four colours – two flannel and two thermal – and start at about $65. Chuck this on the wishlist for Santa, for forever be poor of adorable matching selfies with your dog who probably will just rip off the pjs anyway but hey, it’s the thought that counts.