Australia was left reeling after the news arrived last week that 13-year-old Queenslander Tyrone Unsworth had died by suicide after being consistently tormented by bullies for being gay. 
The teen’s mum, Amanda Unsworth, told the Courier Mail that bullies at school had hounded Tyrone for the past few years:

“He was a really feminine male, he loved fashion, he loved make-up and the boys always picked on him, calling him gay-boy, faggot, fairy; it was a constant thing from Year 5.

Obviously they ended up getting him, they pushed him to the edge.”
Now, a week after her son’s devastating death, his mum has spoken out on social media about receiving abusive and disgusting messages from trolls on Facebook, some coming from fake accounts using Tyrone‘s name and photo. 
Amanda responded to one message in particular, and asked what the author’s parents thought of their messages. The response: “They’re laughing with me.”
In another message, the troll told her that their “issue” with Tyrone was “he is a f*g”. 
On a photo that Amanda had put on Facebook of her and Tyrone, lined with comments of condolences and heartfelt tributes, one of the trolls left a line of laughing emojis. 
Amanda has said that although most of the original ones seem to be deactivated, she’s seen at least five more pop up. 
We hope this utterly disgusting behaviour ceases ASAP – anyone taking part in such an activity should be actively ashamed of themselves, and we’d recommend they learn how to grow some empathy, and fast.
Our thoughts are with Tyrone’s family at this time. 

Source: News Corp.
Photos: Facebook.