Scott Morrison, Coward, Confirms He Will Not Be Bonging On Under Canberra’s New Weed Laws

Just so you all know, in case you had any lingering doubt about it, on the off chance you were thinking anything to the contrary, Prime Minister Scott Morrison will absolutely NOT be lighting up a big fucking fat joint this coming Friday when cannabis use becomes legal in Canberra.

The Prime Minister, we must state very clearly here, will not partake in a joint, a bong, a bucket, an edible, a jazz cigarette, a University cigar, nor will he be honking on the Gatorade Saxophone.

Morrison, who fronted the National Press Club this afternoon, was asked whether or not he would be observing the high holy holiday of 4:20 from now on, given cannabis use will become legal in the ACT this Friday.

According to Triple J Hack reporter Shalailah Medhora, he made it very clear he would not be.

The new cannabis laws in the ACT, which were passed by the territory parliament in September, formally legalises possession of small amounts of weed – up to 50 grams per person. The laws also permit the growing of four plants per household.

Those expecting some sort of Nimbin-like smoke up in the nation’s capital are gonna be sorely disappointed, however. While use and possession may be legal, supply is still outlawed. Meaning it’s legal to have and use it, but giving or selling it (even seeds) remains illegal.

It’s also still illegal on a Federal level, with the local territory laws to stand in contradiction to the nationally overarching Federal legislation. It’s unclear at this stage whether authorities will still pursue weed prosecutions on individuals in the ACT under the Federal laws.

Still, Prime Minister Scott Morrison, a big fucken narc, will have nothing to worry about come Friday. Because he will not be indulging in the weed, the choof, the ganja, the reefer, the chronic, the herb, the Devil’s Lettuce, the Reggae Breakfast, the Spicy Oregano, the Lawn Clippings, Doctor Good Time’s Miracle Dust, or Sweet Mary Jane.

Just in case you were wondering.