Scott Morrison Got Stuck In A Building Today After Bushfire Smoke Set Off The Alarms

Scott Morrison stuck due to alarms.

Without being afforded the clarity of hindsight, it’s hard to say definitively whether the time you’re living in is any better or worse than any other time, but it’s pretty fair to say that things feel grim at the moment. It’s been clear for a while that climate change is having a very real impact on our lives, but this early and brutal bushfire season has given things a distinctly apocalyptic feeling.

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It’s very easy to feel down about these things. With the less-than-lacklustre response from the people in charge, it’s hard to find much to feel hopeful for. If we can’t have hope, then really all you can ask for is, at the very least, schadenfreude. Something to make you go “FUCKEN AHAHAHAHA SUCK SHIT.” Please allow me to give you this thing.

Today, Scott Morrison got stuck in a building for half an hour because the bushfire smoke set off the alarms. As 9 News is reporting, Morrison got stuck on the 20th floor of the Federal Government’s Sydney office for 30 minutes after giving a speech on the Coalition’s new religious discrimination bill, because the smoke triggered alarms that shut down the lifts and deployed a bunch of roller doors. The prime minister was trapped inside the building until fire crews arrived to switch off the alarm, departing shortly after.

Life might be shit but at least the universe has a sense of humour.