Scott Morrison Is Taking Time Off To See His Family & By Family, He Means The Cronulla Sharks

scott morrison sharks

Prime Minister Scott Morrison recently announced that he’s taking a holiday to spend time with his wife and kids, which seemed like a fair call considering how wild this year has been for him. But it turns out his “kids” also include his beloved Cronulla Sharks because he’s been spotted at the NRL tonight with no family in sight.

Just yesterday, ScoMo made the call, urging Australians to be understanding that he needs a bit of a break.

“I will not be joining them for that full-time. I will also not be standing aside from the tasks I have all day,” he said yesterday.

“We have technology where I can be with them and continue to take briefings, calls and meetings in dealing with the situation whether it be Victoria or the other situations in the country.”

“I will be returning to Canberra next week where I am sure you will be able to see me again … just because I am not standing in front of a camera, it does not mean I am not behind my desk or doing what I need to do daily. I ask the people’s understanding on that.”

Now I’ll be the first to admit that all politicians deserve to be cut a little bit of slack, given how unprecedented the current problems are. There’s not exactly a handbook on how to handle a global pandemic, and we all need to accept that people will make some mistakes along the way.

But maybe we could all be a little understanding of ScoMo’s need for a break if he was just honest about it. It’s no secret that the man loves his beloved Sharkies more than life itself, but if going to the footy is *that* important to him right now, he needs to at least be honest about it.

Instead, Scott Morrison used his wife and kids as the reason for his break, despite seemingly attending the game without them. He could’ve at least dragged the kids to the footy with him. I mean c’mon Scotty, you need to at least TRY here.

Sorry Scotty, but the video ref says “no try.”

Nobody is saying he can’t take a break. It’s been a hell of a year and the situation doesn’t look like it’ll be over any time soon. But gee it’d be nice if he was honest about it. You know, considering he’s the Prime Minister.

Meanwhile in Victoria, Dan Andrews’ wife has shared a photo of how the Premier is spending his Saturday night.

“This man does not stop. Thank you to everyone who is doing the right thing. We are in this together,” she wrote.

Considering he was absolutely roasted for spending his birthday with his family, the contrast between his and ScoMo’s Saturday nights is stark to say the least.

By no means is Dan Andrews perfect, but you bloody well can’t fault the man for trying.

Naturally, it didn’t take long before Twitter called out the difference in leadership tactics. As a result, #NotMyPM is now trending and you truly, truly hate to see it.

Victoria is in a state of crisis and what is the leader of the country doing? Well, swinging his Sharks scarf around, of course.