Someone Has Swooped On Scott Morrison’s URL & Is Trolling The Shit Out Of Him

Meanwhile, someone somehow has jumped on the URL of Prime Minister Scott Morrison – quite literally with the web address of – and trolled him hard. 


As of sometime this afternoon, clicking on will lead you to a photo of a rather cheerful looking PM with a little play button in the top right corner. Click that baby and your ears will suddenly be delighted with the tune that is the 2006 banger ‘Scotty Doesn’t Know’ by Lustra. 

Why would anybody do such a thing? It beats me.

Anyway, who knows how long this website will be up for – maybe another few minutes, an hour, a day? It is almost Friday – who knows what’s going on any more?

You can find the very official URL along with the tune, HERE

Happy almost Friday.

UPDATE: That someone, Jack Genesin, to be precise has written about his experience of buying the PM’s domain. If you’re eager to have a suss, read all about it HERE