Happy Easter: 4 Liberal MPs Just Told The SMH Scott Morrison May Soon Quit Politics

Scott Morrison may retire after the may budget

Four Liberal Party Members of Parliament have told the Sydney Morning Herald that former PM Scott Morrison plans to retire soon. Such a scenario would result in yet another federal by-election and put even more pressure on Liberal Opposition Leader Peter Dutton. OH BOY.

The insiders have estimated Morrison’s exit from politics could occur any time between the budget being handed down in May, and the end of the year.

The Herald did ask the former PM (now backbencher) what his plans for the future were and his response was giving “hey chat GPT, can you draft me a deliberately vague PR-type response”.

“I am focused on doing my job in my local electorate, helping the parliamentary party and supporting the leader,” Morrison said.

Contrastingly, an anonymous MP said Scotty “has told people in the [Sutherland] Shire he is going after the budget”.


Who to believe? The bloke who continually lied about everything during his time in the top job, or a faceless and nameless source? We’re spoiled for choice…

Despite this, Morrison appears to be doing everything in his power to show how clocked off he already is.

Case in point, when the Liberals lost the Aston by-election earlier in April, Morrison uploaded a photo of a pie he was eating at an NRL game with the caption “problems elsewhere”.

Shockingly, Scotty remains popular in his local electorate.

Despite the red wave at the 2022 federal election, Morrison held onto his blue ribbon seat of Cook in the southern suburbs of Sydney by a big margin.

At that election, the Liberals won hold Cook on a two-party preferred of 62.4 per cent to Labor’s 37.6 per cent.

However, as we saw in Aston this past weekend, even formerly safe Liberal heartland has become contested in the face of a staggeringly unpopular opposition leader in Peter Dutton and a generally well-liked PM in Anthony Albanese.

The federal budget is expected to be unveiled by Treasurer Jim Chalmers on Tuesday, May 9.

Perhaps this will coincide with Morrison’s retirement date?

I guess only time will tell…