This Series Of Photos Is A Better Depiction Of Scott Morrison’s Career Than Any Round Up

Someone covering an 'if you mess up, fess up' sign at a Scott Morrison photoshoot.

A series of images has surfaced online of someone removing a sign about accountability for Prime Minister Scott Morrison‘s presser and wow, that’s real on the nose hey?

If there’s one thing Snot Morrison is known for it’s his love for a good photo op at the expense of both his respect for others and his own integrity. Who could forget when he forced people to shake hands with him despite their obvious revulsion? Or when he got his wife to chastise Grace Tame on national television for the crime of not smiling on camera for him? Or even that time he was chased out of Cabargo by residents because of his piss-poor support of bushfire victims?

Well, yet another backfired photoshoot has made our day and ruined his, and this time it was Scott Morrison’s attempt at a photoshoot at a factory in Townsville.

ABC News camera operator Matt Roberts shared pictures online of someone covering up a sign that said: “If you mess up, fess up” in preparation for a photoshoot.

Let me drive that home: a sign about taking accountability for your mistakes was removed from our Prime Minister’s press campaign. A literal cover up!!!

Truly, you cannot make this stuff up.

Never has a series of images been so fkn apt at capturing the essence of a person’s career.

It’s honestly not a good time to be Scott Morrison right now, considering he was also exposed for texting during Monday’s Anzac day service.

Oh and last week he said he was “blessed” to not have a child with a disability.

And he skipped wearing a mask to a children’s hospital because photo ops are everything, amirite?

All in a week’s work for our dear PM.