Scott Morrison Has Graciously Confirmed He Will Not Be Going On Holiday “Full-Time”

scott morrison hawaii

Just in case you were wondering, Prime Minister Scott Morrison has made an official assurance that, despite the current break that NSW schools are on, he personally will not be going on holiday this. At least, not “full-time.”

With Morrison’s repeated absences from the public eye, particularly during key national crises, becoming something of a regularity, the PM took the fairly extraordinary step of directly addressing his holiday plans with the media this afternoon.

Seeking to avoid any repeats of the Hawaii debacle that saw him leave the country last December in the middle of the summer’s national bushfire crisis, Morrison assured everyone that, while the rest of his family may be heading off for a little break, he will not be doing so during this current global pandemic. How very generous.

Morrison, unprompted by media questioning, asserted “As you know it is school holidays, and Jenny and the girls will be taking some time on the outskirts of Sydney. But given the changing critical situation we have in Victoria, I will not be joining them for that full-time.”

So… just part-time then. Good-o. Got it.

Morrison continued, confirming that while he will indeed be spending some time on holidays over the coming week, he will not be inaccessible due to various technologies.

“I will also not be standing aside from the tasks I have all day. We have technology where I can be with them and continue to take briefings, calls and meetings in dealing with the situation whether it be Victoria or the other situations in the country. As a Dad, I will take some time but at the same time I can assure you we will remain absolutely focused on the things we need to focus on next week,” he stated.

Scott, I think I speak for all Australians when I say: Thank you for benevolently sacrificing one daily beach walk in favour of attending to your Prime Ministerial duties during a global pandemic.

Let’s hope he can still find the time to squeeze in a game of Uno or two in between running the fucking country.