Scott Morrison can’t fix the problems in our own country, but has now decided to take his bullshit to a whole new planet by working with the US to send a man to Mars.

In his recent visit to Washington, ScoMo signed a deal that commits the Australian Space Agency to working with NASA on the upcoming Artemis mission to Mars, and apparently “back” to the moon. You know, if you believe everything the government tells you.

The deal was reached on Saturday morning and will allocate a whopping $150 million to Australia’s work on the Artemis mission. But as far as Scotty’s concerned, this is just the beginning.

The PM wants to triple the size of our space sector by the year 2030, which will create 20,000 jobs for Aussies with a keen interest in being beamed up. Sco Mo said in a press conference that this money could help create jobs building space equipment or in mineral exploration.

“Space is about jobs as much as anything else,” Mr Morrison said.

In a last ditch effort to really fuck up the planet before yeeting off to Mars, Scott Morrison reiterated his point that we’re a nation that loves to dig up dirt.

“We’re pretty good at mining in Australia,” he said.

We were all hoping the new space funding would increase innovative jobs in space tech and science, but clearly Scott Morrison is still convinced the best way to reach the stars is to dig yourself a deep, deep hole.

But the meeting of the Incompetent Men Running Countries club wasn’t done there. Trump also boasted that he basically saved the space program.

“I said, hey, we’ve already done the moon. That’s not so exciting. They said, no, sir, it’s a launching pad for Mars. So we’ll be doing the moon but we’ll really be doing Mars and we’ll be, we’re making tremendous progress,” Trump said.

In his visit to NASA’s Washington base, Scott Morrison also took the time to take a photo with the honorary Gold Logie given to Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin for the moon telecast back in 1970. Apparently a vintage Gold Logie is the most interesting thing at NASA HQ, good work Scotty.scott morrison nasa gold logie

Speaking at NASA headquarters on Saturday night, Scott Morrison discussed how the original moon mission was “a great inspiration to all of us” before finishing off his speech with a terrific one-liner.

“So beam us up.”