Scott Marsh‘s stellar ScoMo “Merry Crisis” Hawaii mural in inner Sydney’s Chippendale has been painted over by some old grumps today. Aaaaaaaand this is why we can’t have nice things.

The mural depicted Morrison sporting a Santa’s hat and Hawaiian shirt, sipping a cocktail and remarking “Merry Crisis!” while surrounded by flames – a public condemnation of Morrison leaving Australia on holiday as fires engulfed (and continue to engulf) the nation.

“There’s always the risk that someone’s gonna take offence and paint over it, it’s a shame that it did because I think a lot of people were enjoying it,” the artist said in a statement to AAP.

Thankfully, the mural has been immortalised in the form of prints and tees, with all proceeds being donated to the Rural Fire Service RFS. Marsh has raised almost $15k in donations so far, which is fucking cool.

Head over to the artist’s website here if you’re interested in purchasing a print or tee. Merry Crisis lives on.

Image: Twitter / @Scottie_marsh