Scott Morrison Confirms Love For Coriander, Plunging Election Into Chaos

With only two days until Australia heads to the polls for the federal election, it seems likely you’ve already decided how you’re going to vote – at the very least, you probably know whether or not you’ll put veins on the penis you scrawl across the ballot paper.

This piece of information goes out to those who are still deliberating on whether they’d like the Coalition government returned for another go: Prime Minister Scott Morrison‘s favourite herb is coriander.

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Yes, coriander, the cornerstone of countless cuisines – and, for a select few, a detestable ditch-weed. That’s the one Morrison likes most to put in his mouth. Yum yum.

News of his preference comes from journalists shadowing the Prime Minister during this morning’s visit to Sydney Markets, as Morrison makes his last minute pitch in the electorate of Reid. 

AAP reports that while meeting veggie vendors at the market, Morrison declared “I love coriander.”

During his visit, he also turned down the offer of a pineapple-shaped hat while picking up some chillies.

For what it’s worth, this is not Morrison’s first time espousing flavourful ingredients. Back in 2015, ABC’s Kitchen Cabinet saw Annabel Crabb interview the then-Social Services Minister as he cooked what he called a Sri Lankan-inspired curry.

The cook-up was criticised at the time. Opponents took issue with the fact that Morrison once administrated an Australian refugee policy which has incarcerated Tamil refugees.

Also worth noting: Morrison’s recipe doesn’t call for chillies or coriander. Make of that what you will.