Scott Morrison Reckons He’s Never Lied, Which Is A Lie, And We Sure As Hell Can Prove It

scott morrison lies

Scott John Morrison, 30th Prime Minister of Australia and man who is notoriously averse to telling the truth, now reckons that he’s never told a lie in his ‘public life’.

Immediately you probably had the thought ‘now hold on, Scotty, you were lying just last week’, and you’d be absolutely correct.

Maybe the PM is trying to tell us something about how he’s a liar in his private life (poor Jenny), but one must seriously question how the hell this man can say such a thing given his track record.

In an interview with 3AW radio host Neil Mitchell, the PM was asked about whether he believed he’d ever told a lie during his public time as leader of the country.

“I don’t believe I have, no. No,” said Morrison, lying.

“That’s politics, people take sledges at me all the time.”

“I have learned in public life over a long period of time to have a thin skin. To not get bitter, to stay focused on the job.”

“You’ll get slings and arrows from everywhere… I tend not to take things personally.”

Well, there you have it, folks. The man does not believe he’s ever lied.

So anyway, here’s a heaping collection of times the man has deflected blame, twisted or contradicted his own words, been called out by his colleagues, and proven himself to be a slimy, slimy worm in front of the Australian public.

Literally yesterday, November 11: Morrison claimed that Labor’s party policy in 2019 was to raise petrol prices and force everyone onto electric cars, and was subsequently called out by Sunrise host Natalie Barr, for outright lying. Turns out the ‘forcing’ people towards electric cards was never even a mandate that Labor was trying to introduce, but a non-binding target, similar to Morrison’s own.

Oh, and The Guardian would like you to know that the whole spiel about Labor raising petrol prices was also a lie.

And on top of this, Scotty reckons he never campaigned against electric cars which, you guessed it, is ALSO a fkn lie.

November 3, 2021: Former Prime Minister and messy bitch Malcolm Turnbull claims that Morrison has “always had a reputation for telling lies” and had lied to his face many times while Turnbull was in the top spot. The spicy bit all kicks off at the 1:30 mark in the below video.

November 1, 2021: Turnbull’s words are of course a response to French President Emmanuel Macron calling Morrison a liar as well, saying he doesn’t think our PM has lied to him, but knows. Ooft.

This is all in reference to a submarine deal that Morrison swiftly discarded in favour of a new deal with the UK and the US (during which Biden forgot our PM’s fkn name).

Morrison may have forgotten to tell the French that we were straight-up abandoning the deal and since the negative reaction from the French president has emerged, texts have leaked from the PM’s office,  prompting Morrison to go on the record to call Macron’s words ‘slurs’. Righto, mate.

October 23 – October 25, 2021: Grace Tame, a spokesperson for sexual assault and the prevention of child abuse, finds out live on air that she wasn’t invited to participate in the Federal Government’s National Child Sex Abuse Strategy.

Morrison deferred by over to Ben Morton when asked about why he had failed to consult Tame, who claimed that this was a matter that doesn’t align with what Tame ‘wants to achieve’, which isn’t true at all.

Not exactly a lie, but a cowardly deferral into a lie, so it counts.

September 19, 2021: Morrison was asked about whether he knew how much money Christian Porter was anonymously receiving to aid his defamation legal fees, and stated during a press conference that it would be “included in his register of interests.”

It sure as hell wasn’t, and the government then went on the subsequently vote against investigating where the donations came from in the first place.

September 9, 2021: Morrison makes the claim that “every effort” was made to get a hold of more vaccines, despite the fact that Minister for Health and Aged Care Greg Hunt, who Pfizer was trying to meet with to discuss a shit-tonne of vaccines, was offering the company a chance to meet with someone else instead.

July 26, 2021: Scott Morrison claimed in a press conference that former NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian did not ever make a request for more vaccines during a cabinet meeting.

Gladys Berejiklian then said otherwise during a COVID update conference.

“National cabinet made their view very, very clear to me on Friday. I argued my little heart out but the position of the national cabinet was very clear,” she said.

And that’s just a couple of lies from this year, of which there were many more.

If you’d like a fresh reminder of all of Scott Morrison’s 2020 lies, you can check ’em out right here.