Scott Morrison, Faced With The Prospect Of Actually Working, Has Fled To Japan For The Week

Scott Morrison flees australia to japan. image is a parody of fast and furious called "Tokyo grift" with black and white pictures of scomo with fire.

History repeats itself: former Prime Minister Scott Morrison has, faced with the nauseating prospect of having to actually work again, fled the country and escaped to Japan.

Morrison claims he didn’t know Parliament was starting the week he booked his trip but — considering his travelling record over here — I wonder if it would have mattered.

“Prior to the new Government advising the sitting schedule for the remainder of 2022, I had already accepted an invitation to join other former Prime Ministers from Canada, the UK and New Zealand to address an international event to be held in Tokyo this week,” he said in a statement.

“Both the Prime Minister and Leader of the Opposition were advised of my intended travel and absence from the parliament this week.” described this cheeky “international event” as a bunch of speeches and meetings with Japanese leaders. What I’d like to know though is how much Scott Morrison is being paid to do it. Y’know, considering he already has a pretty cushy job right here.

This little international trip is the second of Morrison’s in the last few weeks — he recently flew to Seoul for another leadership address. Mr Worldwide over here.

Someone please tell me what on earth this man knows about leadership?? How is he landing international gigs speaking about it???

Has the world forgotten how he abandoned us during some of the worst bushfires we’d ever experienced because he wanted to holiday in Hawaii?

My cat shows more leadership skills when he tries to teach my other cat how to rip open the feed bag.

I wonder if the Japanese government knows Morrison told Margaret Court‘s church just weeks ago to distrust governments and put their faith in God instead.

When Morrison does return to his alleged job — which is supposed to be in the second sitting week of Parliament but you never know with this one — it’ll be his first time as a backbencher in over a decade.

Pretty sure people in ordinary jobs would be fired for booking leave in the first week of their new gig. But I guess Scott Morrison is not the average person, especially considering his embarrassing loss in the election still leaves him with a $211,250 salary.