Scott Morrison Chatted With Hugh Jackman On Triple M And The Pandemic Was Mentioned 0 Times

Hugh Jackman Scott Morrison

Twas a couple of nights before Christmas, and all through NSW, not an Aussie was leaving, thanks to the new lockdown. With everyone wondering where Scott Morrison has run off to, the announcement that he would be on Triple M Sydney this morning gave us all some hope, but alas, not a word of the new coronavirus outbreak in NSW was uttered. But hey, at least we now know that his wife likes the silver hair…

The interview with Scott Morrison was part of a special men’s mental and emotional health awareness episode for charity (specifically, Gotcha 4 Life), hosted by Gus Worland and special guest Hugh Jackman.

Questioned ranged from ‘who is your best mate’ to ‘how are you doing personally’, and we received updates about how Morrison has been ‘aged’ by the bushfires, how he feels about his hair, and whether or not he has been getting enough sleep.

Morrison commented that this year, after everything, he has seen a “little more silver” in his hair, and that “there’s an upside even to that,” because his wife loves it.

Fair enough for an episode focused on mental health, but to not mention the sudden closing of borders to NSW, which inextricably affects the mental health of millions of Aussies around the holiday season, seems like a big avoidance of the elephant in the room.

In fact, the pandemic was not even mentioned at all, but Morrison was sure to remind people that he is in Canberra, which is definitely reassuring after the hashtag #FindingScotty started to trend this morning.

Needless to say, listeners were not very pleased with the interview, which overall aimed to dig deeper into the personal thoughts and feelings of Scott Morrison, and how he’s coping. Not with the pandemic or anything, just with the stress of his life and job.

One Aussie, Ingrid Matthews, hopped onto Twitter to share their thoughts on this morning’s interview. Naturally, listening to Hugh Jackman ask Scomo about his silver hair in the middle of a coronavirus outbreak is not what people were hoping for from the interview.

“This entire interview is about the feelings of a wealthy white male who could be acting on a virus outbreak in his home town but is not here,” she said.

Gladys Berejiklian is scheduled to speak on NSW updates at 11am, Monday morning. Maybe then we’ll get some real info about what is going on.