Here’s Scott Morrison Grabbing A Bushfire Victim’s Hand Before Ignoring Her Plea For Help

scott morrison heckled

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has finally visited the bushfire-affected town of Cobargo, but he has not been met with a warm welcome from residents.

ScoMo was captured on camera by 9News allegedly forcing a woman to shake his hand, then ignoring her after she tried to discuss the fact that RFS “need more help” from the government during the bushfire crisis.

“I’m only shaking your hand if you give more funding to the RFS. So many people here have lost their homes,” the unnamed woman said as Scott Morrison forcibly shook her hand. “We need more help.”

The clip then shows the Prime Minister condescendingly patting her on the back before walking away as the woman begs for more help during this time of national emergency.

Scott Morrison quickly hurried through the town, where a father and son were tragically killed during the bushfires on Monday night, taking a few photos with locals before being heckled as he entered his car.

“You won’t be getting any votes down here buddy, you’re an idiot.” one local yelled.

“Who votes Liberal around here? Nobody.”

Other locals voiced their disapproval with the government, claiming that the town is forgotten during natural disasters.

“This is not fair. We are totally forgotten down here. Every single time this area gets a flood or a fire we get nothing,” a local yelled. “If we lived in Sydney or on the North Coast we would be flooded with donations and emergency relief.”

Cobargo is one of the worst-hit areas during this bushfire season, with a majority of the main street destroyed in the blaze, according to 9News.

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The response comes after the Prime Minister’s lacklustre press conference on Thursday afternoon, where he largely avoided discussing the major concerns held by Australians, instead claiming the wasted milk from dairy farmers is the real issue here.

“This isn’t about prime ministers, premiers, mayors, politics, it’s about the people that need the help and the resources on the ground,” he said in Cobargo, hastily avoiding any sort of responsibility for the state of the nation.

The PM called for “patience” and “calm” during the ongoing bushfire crisis, but after more than three months of burning across the country, it appears locals have already made their minds up about the situation.

“You’re out, son,” a Cobargo fire victim so eloquently put it.