Scott Morrison Has Personally Blocked Refugees Claims For Permanent Asylum

What’s worse – being used to hearing things like this nowadays, or being merely unsurprised?

It’s emerged that Immigration Minister Scott Morrison has personally intervened – using a little-used clause in the Migration Act – to block the claims of refugees for permanent asylum, and simultaneously stripped them of any right of appeal.
Refugees that have been found to require protection by Australia are still being told they’ll only receive Temporary Protection Visas, despite the fact that the High Court ruled against the Government’s usage of temporary visas just last month. Morrison (picture above, literally signing people’s lives away) has utilised a seldom-used clause contained within the Migration Act that allows him to personally issue what’s known as a “Conclusive Certificate” that blocks any request for permanent protection without reason, and strips any and all right of appeal, all in the name of “National Interest.”
The Guardian revealed that in at least three cases Morrison has issued these certificates to refugees that had otherwise passed all security and character checks and posed absolutely no national security concerns.
The High Court rejected the Government’s attempts to force all asylum seekers onto temporary visas, ruling that – by law – permanent protection is required. The legislative loophole is being utilised as a stop-gap measure by the Abbott Government to maintain the block on permanent protection, until the High Court sits on a subsequent case in December which will determine whether Morrison’s use of “national interest” is lawful in rejecting permanent protection claims.
Experts are suggesting that the usage of Conclusive Certificates is the Government’s way of circumventing the ruling of the High Court.
Currently – at least until the December court hearing – Morrison does not have to reveal any reason or motivation behind his citing of “national interest.” For the time being, at least, the blocks stand.
Maintain your rage, kids. Maintain your rage.
Photo: Omar Havana via Getty Images.