Scott Morrison Clarifies That, No, He Doesn’t Believe Gay People Go To Hell

Temporary prime minister Scott Morrison has issued a statement today to clarify that, no, he does not believe gay people go to hell solely as a product of being gay.

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The statement was in response to comments made by opposition leader Bill Shorten, who attacked the non-committal way Morrison answered a question on this issue yesterday.

Asked by a journalist yesterday if gay people go to hell, Morrison (sort of) responded with this:

I support the law of the country. I don’t mix my religion with politics or my faith with politics and it’s always been something that has informed how I live my life and how I seek to care for and support others. That is what I always seek to do.

Not entirely a satisfying response, in that it didn’t address the question at all. After the pressure from Shorten, Morrison released a much clearer statement today, categorically stating that he does not believe that gay people go to hell (“No, I do not believe that.“), and adding that it was a “cheap shot” from Shorten to suggest that he does.

On Monday, while saying that he respects marriage equality as the current law, the prime minister refused to state whether his beliefs on same-sex marriage had changed since it was legalised. Despite Morrison’s electorate voting 55% in favour of marriage equality, Morrison abstained from the vote. Additionally, he voted ‘no’ in the postal survey.

Just incredibly edifying stuff all round.