Scott Morrison’s Latest Genius Move Is To Push An Ad For The Liberal Party

Backed against the mother of all walls, Prime Minister Scott Morrison appears to have scurried back to his one true form: Scotty From Marketing, the Ad Man.

[jwplayer HOvcqBMa]

After announcing a raft of absurdly long-overdue Federal measures set to be implemented across bushfire-affected regions, Morrison and his fellow party goons practically fell over themselves not to begin rolling them out, but to extol their own virtues via a bafflingly produced ad spruiking the Liberal Party.

Morrison posted the short video, which cannot be read as anything other than a party advertisement, on social media late yesterday evening. The video was almost immediately harangued to within an inch of its own life thanks to its rather tone-deaf construction and content, which even goes so far as to include the very election campaign-ish “Authorised by S Morrison, Liberal Party, Canberra” tag at the end.

Despite copping the mother of all pizzlings, the jaunty video and its NowThis-ass backing track remains up at the time of writing.

Rather than address criticism of the ad directly, Morrison dug his heels in on Twitter in the hours after its release, oddly insisting the true – albeit fairly Not The Fucking Point, Scott – fact that all political videos, by law, require that disclosure.

Which would be all well and good if the videos were authorised on the behalf of the Australian Government (which would make them a legitimate policy announcement) rather than the Liberal Party itself (which in this instance makes it political boot-licking of the grossest order).

Further still, the Federal Liberal Party social media team has been in overdrive, producing auto-fellatio content at light speed.

The kicker here is twofold.

Firstly, the photo the Liberals used appears to be a photoshopped stock image that originally featured a Polish soldier.

Secondly, according to the Australian Defence Association, the ads fairly blatantly contravene non-partisanship agreements regarding Governments using the ADF for political point scoring.

While the level of vitriol directed at the ad and at Morrison directly has been large, the most prominent angry voice has come from former PM Kevin Rudd, who stated Morrison was “no longer fit” to hold the country’s top office.

The Ad Man, folks. He loves an ad.