Everybody Is Slaying The Cooked Meme Scott Morrison Posted Online Tonight

UPDATE: Scott Morrison(‘s team) deleted the original tweet/Instagram/Facebook. But, this legend ripped the video so:

In politicians trying way too hard – and probably breaching parliament’s media rules – here’s our new Prime Minister Scott Morrison trying to turn voting in Question Time into a deeply shitty meme.


As you can see, he thinks he knows how to use the fire emoji, and he thinks he can distract us from his rubbish policies on almost everything by playing the daggy dad card.

It’s not gonna work buddy, but we’re here to compile people wailing on you for making the most cringe-worthy piece of content we have seen in at least a few days.

Also, let’s spell out quickly what’s happening here, he’s dubbed 1999 Fatman Scoop hit ‘Be Faithful‘ on top of footage of Libs raising their hands during a parliamentary vote in the House of Reps. He’s chosen for them to put their hands up when Mr. Scoop cries:

You got a hundred-dollar bill, get your hands up!
You got a fifty-dollar bill, get your hands up!
You got a twenty-dollar bill, get your hands up!
You got a ten-dollar bill, get your hands up!

Which is TOO REAL coming from people earning at least $207K a year. You know what the national full-time median income is? According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, it’s about $66K.

We’re sure you too know the song well, but in case you’ve forgotten, the lyrics are, shall we say, questionable. A highlight is when the Scoop Man says “Who fuckin’ tonight?” repeatedly.

Anyway, here’s the entire internet coming together for a common goal: mercilessly ripping into the man who represents our nation to the rest of the world.







Oh yeah, and what Morrison posted tonight may or may not be illegal, so writes journo Mike Carlton. He’s got some parliamentary screengrabs to back up what he’s saying, but it looks like you’re definitely not allowed to “digitally manipulateQuestion Time footage – especially not for “political party advertising” or “satire or ridicule“.



In case you want a little reminder of what the OG sounded/looked like:

A cooked song for a cooked nation.