Scott Morrison Is Heaps Sorry For That Incredibly Weird Fatman Scoop Tweet

Nothing says ‘relatable content’ quite like a 50-year-old politician, best known for some unspeakably cruel immigration policies, using a Fatman Scoop tune to soundtrack a Boomerang of his parliamentary colleagues. Regardless, Prime Minister Scott Morrison still deleted the now-infamous tweet – and now he’s apologised for it.

In case you missed it, this is the audiovisual wonder Morrison’s office shared with the world last night:

After punters pointed out that Be Faithful also includes the lyrics “Who fuckin’ tonight?”, Morrison tweeted that he was sorry for using the So Fresh: The Hits Of Autumn 2004 cut in his Very Good Online Content.

All of this could have been so much different. In an alternate universe, where Prime Minister Peter Dutton has ushered in his thousand years of darkness, this tweet would have been accompanied by the soothing tones of Merzbow. 

That’s for alternate universe Australia to deal with, though. We apparently have enough to cope with in this dimension.