The PM’s Own Press Conference Had To Awkwardly Play Danger Zone Twice After He Rocked Up Late

Someone apparently insisted of playing Kenny Loggins‘ 80s new wave banger “Danger Zone” at Scott Morrison‘s press conference on Monday. Compounding the awkwardness is the fact that the PM rocked up late, so they had to play the song a second time.

Morrison was at RAAF Base Williamtown in the Hunter Valley to announce Australia’s latest fleet of F-35A fighter jets death machines. It’s the perfect moment to turn into a game filled with Top Gun references, really.

“Everyone who is involved in this project is a top gun in my view,” Morrison told the crowd, as if the joke hadn’t already been made to death by that point.

Speaking of repeating the joke too many times, whoever was in charge of playing “Danger Zone” ended up doing it twice to compensate for the face Morrison was so late.

We can only imagine how awkward it was to have the song blasting across a vacant walkway. It lacks a certain Top Gun precision about it.

Things didn’t stop there, either.

What death machine unveiling would be complete without a few dorky happy snaps? Morrison didn’t disappoint.

Australia’s big, awkward son grinning from the cockpit of a big, awkward death machine. How beautiful.

It says a lot that Morrison is perhaps the Aussie politician who is least capable of pulling off a Sterling Archer-esque Tom Cruise cosplay.

The man wasn’t even wearing aviators. Pathetic attempt, really.

But knowing that, or not to follow through with this entire stunt in the first place, would take an ounce of self-awareness first.