The PM Dropped In To The Cricket Commentary Box And Somehow Managed To Piss Everyone Off Again


Australia’s (alleged) Prime Minister Scott Morrison and competitor for the title of public enemy number one alongside Novak Djokovic has dropped into the cricket commentary box for a stint behind the microphone.

Morrison is no stranger to blabbing on for long periods of time about nothing much in particular, so you would think he’d be a perfect fit to commentate the fourth test of The Ashes cricket series being played in his home state of New South Wales.

However, what followed was perhaps the most cringy display of nauseating political drivel in history.

Sitting between two legends of the game – former Australian vice-captain Adam Gilchrist and British World Cup cricketer Isa Guha, the PM was serving up more spin than Shane Warne ever could have.

Even Gilchrist, a seasoned commentator couldn’t hide his awkwardness when introducing one of the most despised people in the country to viewers across Australia.

In the next highlight (lowlight), Morrison dealt another enraging comment following the dismissal of an England batsman by the Australians.

“This is Australia living with the virus, look at out there,” Morrison said.

“This is Australia taking wickets with the virus.”

What. The. Fuck. M8.

As you would expect, Twitter was having an absolute field day taking pot-shots at the PM’s performance in the box.

ALP Senator Murray Watt drew comparisons to Morrison’s escape to paradise during the bushfires.

Despite the terrible optics of such an appearance, it is customary for the Prime Minister, whoever it may be at the time, to commentate a session of the Sydney Test.

Former PMs such as John Howard and Kevin Rudd have dropped in to give their analysis and do a friendly interview.

If conducted properly, it usually helps them in the polls since they come off as a chilled out, cricket-loving Aussie.

In Morrison’s case however, it did literally the opposite amidst a chaotic Omicron situation of his own making.

With an election expected to be called around April/May – the clock is ticking for Morrison to not piss off the Australian public any further.