The Federal Government Has Missed Its First COVID Vaccine Target By A Casual 3,397,000 Doses

In the midst of the Federal Government caving in on itself because half its high-ranking male members can’t keep their dicks in their pants while the other half only learned what a woman is three days ago, you’d be forgiven for forgetting that there’s a global pandemic still on-going, and that they are in charge of orchestrating the national COVID-19 vaccine program. Prime Minister Scott Morrison, in particular, has spent the bulk of the past week (deservedly) attempting (and failing) to avoid scrutiny over his entirely pisspoor attitude towards women. But today, March 31st, marks a major milestone in Australia’s much vaunted COVID vaccine rollout. And it’s a benchmark date that confirms the Federal Government, under Morrison’s watch, is failing miserably.

Back in January, Morrison proudly extolled the virtues of a planned accelerated rollout that would begin in mid-February at a rate of 80,000 vaccines administered per week, before ramping up to a projected 4 million doses by the end of March.

Today is March 31st. The Federal Government’s vaccine program has so far administered a little over 603,000 vaccines. That’s 3,397,000 less than the initial projection, or just 15.09% of the March goal.

That exceedingly sluggish rollout has a number of factors working against it – international supply blockages and natural disasters chief among them. But ultimate blame still lies at the feet of the Federal Government, and in that regard the Prime Minister is wearing concrete shoes.

The Morrison Government has since revised its initial targets, and is now aiming to administer 4 Million doses by the end of April. But even that goal is hugely unlikely, with the current total around 1.1 million doses behind where it should be in order for that target to be met.

The initial plan was for the vaccine program to reach all Australians by October. That’s now completely out the window. And that’s a big problem.

The slow vaccine rollout further delays huge chunks of quote-unquote “normal” life. Overseas travel, already something of a pipe dream, is way off in the distance without a complete vaccine rollout. Unrestricted large public gatherings, including those that directly impact industries such as hospitality and live music, rest on tenuous tenterhooks. Public health responses remain on high alert, and further lockdowns – such as the one currently underway in Brisbane – remain a virtual certainty without the vaccine.

While vaccine numbers will likely rise as the program moves away from essential care, frontline workers, and the aged care sector, and into larger sections of the general public, at this rate it may be very late 2021 – and even into 2022 – before the average Australian may gain access to the vital vaccines.

That is 100% the Prime Minister’s fault.

In command of a failing Federal Government, and faced with a career-defining event, Scott Morrison – much like he did at Engadine in 1997 – is shitting himself.