Ahead of the COP26 Climate Summit in Glasgow next week, Scott Morrison unveiled the government’s grand plan for Australia’s target of achieving net zero emissions by 2050. Well, at least he said he did, and he’s probably walked away from the lectern in Canberra thinking he did it, but from what we all heard he kinda just talked around it for about 50 minutes.

The ~plan~ created at the 11th hour was laid out by Scott and Angus Taylor (the Minister for Energy and Emissions Reduction) on Tuesday afternoon, and judging by the reactions online, it seems everyone was utterly perplexed by what the fuck they went on about for the better part of an hour. Not to mention the powerpoint presentation of the plan that was near-impossible to read.

morrison climate plan emissions target 2050 COP26
Looks good!!! [Image: ABC24 Livefeed]
Seriously who uses a dark blue text on a fluro blue background outside of a Year 5 assignment?

We’ve attempted to decipher what in the ever-loving fuck these two presented to a room full of confused journalists already (and the Guardian’s fucking savage liveblogging of it), but if you don’t wish to fall down that rabbit hole just yet, please take a moment to scroll through all the best reactions to The Plan that we could find.

I don’t know about you, but I’m coming out of this unveiling feeling like I’ve been gaslit by a Windows ClipArt PowerPoint presentation where Clippy keeps showing up and asking, “Wow, looks like you’re trying to write a plan, here!”

Perhaps Scott Morrison truly believed that if he said “plan” enough times, our eyes would just glaze over and we’d all nod approvingly so we wouldn’t notice said plan doesn’t really have anything new, relies on some kind of technology that wasn’t ever really specified in the plan, and includes our “unique way of life” which apparently means the continued use of mining and heavy industries in regional areas.

Truly baffling stuff, this.

Image: Getty Images / Twitter / @AmyRemeikis