In huge news for anyone with family interstate, Prime Minister Scott Morrison today said it’s looking likely that every state and territory – bar one – will be open by Christmas.

During the National Cabinet meeting today, the leaders of state and territory except Western Australia have agreed “in principal” to get the borders open.

However, the agreement will apply to all states except for Western Australia, who refused to be part of the plan.

“We agreed in principle with the reopening framework for Australia by Christmas,” said Morrison.

“Western Australia, there are special circumstances there. I made that very clear, the nature of our economy and how that works, the premier continues to maintain that position.

“Around the rest of the country, they have their timetables and we look forward to it opening by Christmas of this year.

“By Christmas of this year, certainly seven of the eight states and territories will be open and you never know, it might be eight.”

Morrison also said that he hoped to get 26,000 Aussies stranded overseas home by Christmas.

He said just 1,278 of the 4,100 Aussies overseas deemed to be vulnerable had been able to return home.

To help get those Australians home, international arrival caps will be increased. Western Australia will accept an additional 140 passengers a month from November and Queensland will accept an additional 150 Aussies.

Image: Getty Images / David Gray

The PM also said that Australia was doing “extraordinarily well” in its COVID fight.

There are just over 200 active COVID cases in Australia, Deputy Chief Medical Officer Professor Paul Kelly said. Just 19 people are hospitalised for the infection, and not a single person is in intensive care.

“In many parts of Europe the intensive care units are full. Hospitals are overflowing. And lockdowns are being introduced or planned in many countries,” said Kelly

“Other than the Western Pacific region, everyone else is doing it tough and that’s something we should remind ourselves of, how well Australia has done until now.”

Morrison also praised Victoria for its low numbers and said he was glad to see that Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has begun easing restrictions.

“We’re very pleased that those numbers are now where they are and obviously that provides the opportunity to open up again, and I’m sure Victorians and particularly those in Melbourne would like to see that occur and understand the premier will make some further announcements this weekend,” Morrison said.

Image: Getty Images / Sam Mooy